Pond and Lake Maintenance Tips

by lakemanagement | Mar 16, 2017

Let’s face it. Managing anything larger than a fish tank can be an extremely tedious undertaking. From small Koi Ponds to Community Lakes housing millions of gallons of water, consider these 3 factors when maintaining your own water feature.

Over-filter your pond

Don’t underestimate the power of this statement. If you are building a pond, or managing a community lake, lack of filtration can cause major issues later on. During the warmer months, we often get residential koi pond owners calling in about “excessive algae growth” or “the fish are acting up” – which is usually tied into proper filtration. Unfortunately most home-owners experience the same situation when hiring a professional pond service company, they try and save money by not buying the correct filtration, and end up paying for it later on.

Yes. I’m a standard image caption.

Larger the returns, the better!

Specifically related to the plumbing of your water feature. If you are building a new water feature, renovating an existing pond or lake, add the largest plumbing possible. 2-3″ returns are great on residential koi ponds and water features, because the larger the returns (the pipes) the more flow can run through your pump, filtration, UV-light, and allow your system to be over-filtered like we discussed earlier. It really pays to go big before you finalize your koi pond or lake build, even if you don’t think you’ll need it later on, you’re always better off starting with larger plumbing for your water feature and adding larger equipment later on vs having to re-plumb the system and buy your pond pump and filtration then – which can get really costly. In this scenario, it pays to think before you begin your lake or pond build.

“You can never have too much pond filtration, ultraviolet light coverage, and plumbing returns too large”

Ultraviolet Light Coverage

Yep, you guessed it! UV-lights are a great way to keep your water clarity under control. Don’t be fooled by all UV-light / pump combos though. If you own a 1500+ gallon pond or lake, a UV-Light / Pump combo are not the best fit. Often times your equipment can range to 1/3-1/2 of the cost of the build. Smaller ponds can accommodate the “cookie cutter UV-light / Pump combo kits” but we suggest contacting a professional pond service company near you before purchasing anything from the internet.

Overcrowding your pond with fish

Often seen in the residential market due to home owners allowing fish to reproduce without thinning the heard every couple years. It’s a beatiful thing, and your kids or grandkids will love and cherris those koi fish like the rest of them. The only problem is, more fish = more stress on your pond and your equipment associated with the pond. Every koi pond is built different, yet most are very similar in one area – they are extremely underfiltered. Adding more fish and turtles can cause a heavy-weight on your system. Consider looking into increasing your pond filtration and pump size if you’d like to accomodate the extra demand. A UV-lightworks really well also.

Effective Lake Maintenance

We refer to lakes specifically due to the cost liability communities, cities, and private organizations face when neglecting the hiring of a good pond maintenance company. Working with massive amounts of water is a tremendous undertaking and requires knowledge in regards to managing ecosystems, fish and wildlife protection, as well as foundational and construction elements of the equation. Communities and HOA’s are often losing thousands of dollars per year in water loss due to the lack of official oversight on the water features.





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